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Nowadays this vegetable is on the shelves almost all year. The spring harvest is currently underway and leeks are at their best: the edible part is well developed with an even smooth stalk. The luscious white stalk gradually turns green as it grows out of the ground. The top leaves are quite dark. The part of the leek used for consumption is the pseudo bulb which is made up of a series of overlapping leaf sheaths and is often earthed up to blanch it (preventing the production of chlorophyll).

Due to their mild subtle flavour leeks are frequently used for culinary purposes instead of onions. Their inherent sweetness, which increases with the cooking process, is also highly sought after. They can be eaten either raw or cooked. A larger number of chefs are experimenting with leeks and coming up with some astoundingly tasty recipes. This vegetable is especially nice as a fried base with carrots and bacon for any dish. It is an excellent base for fish or vegetable dishes and can also be used as a garnish.

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