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Superlative fruit and vegetables from
the Veneto region in Italy

Growers’ organisation

We are an organisation of fruit & vegetable growers specialised in quality produce from the local area. With sales in excess of about 50 million euros, we deal in high-end produce from the Veneto region and from every other part of Italy. We are a way-post for Italy and the rest of Europe.


Boasting quality certification, the 40,000 tonnes of produce that we grow and sell generally reaches the consumers’ tables within 24 hours of having been harvested. Fertile soils and local plant diversity enable us to produce a wide array of seasonal fruit and vegetables all year round.

PDO (Protected designation of origin) & PGI (Protected geographical designation)

The best of the Veneto region includes as many as 13 different products certified by the European Community under the PDO and PGI logo. All this and more we offer to our customers. We also strive to present the best selection of fruit and vegetables from all over Italy, turning to advantage our knowledge of season and plant type.


We see ourselves as the guardians of the agricultural ecosystem. Together with our partners, we embrace environmental quality and biodiversity - key factors in guaranteeing the highest possible degree of naturalness for the plants we put on sale. In our constant efforts to make a sustainable use of natural resources, we have chosen the World Biodiversity Association non-profit organisation (WBA) as our partner.


A healthy environment is a valuable asset for farmers who profit in terms of productivity and sustainability. The customer also reaps substantial benefits from a sound environment because, when they buy from good-quality firms, they acquire products which are astoundingly tasty and a delight to the senses.

Our produce


We came into existence under the name Organizzazione Produttori Ortofrutticoli VENETO (OPO - Fruit & vegetable growers’ organisation from the Veneto area) in the year 2001. This venture was the joint effort of two long-standing co-operatives from the towns of Zero Branco (Treviso) and Sottomarina di Chioggia (Venice) who had been working on both the Italian and foreign markets for a while. Since then, a lot of water has gone under the bridge and today many other companies have joined forces with us. We have a membership of over 500.


Providing our local farmer members with assistance to help them develop; educating growers about the environment and showing families how to improve their health by eating properly; offering consumers more natural production processes. These are the values that we battle for every single day in the pursuit of our activities.


In addition to raising awareness amongst growers and consumers about certified quality, we promote and co-ordinate development measures which involve institutions and various entities in the field of research, communication, planning and development. We organise the supply chain, offering our members new trading opportunities and reducing costs for consumers.


We comply with community guidelines for all PGI & PDO logoed products as well as using integrated pest management and integrated crop management techniques. All products are sold in compliance with the Specific or General Marketing Standards of the European Community.


Our members are able to provide an ongoing supply of produce by drawing on the specific crops grown in each single area. A strong team spirit and long-established relations with vegetable-and fruit-producing companies in other parts of Italy means that OPO VENETO is able to guarantee top-quality products throughout the year.


Our crops are harvested and sent to the end consumer via mass-market retailers, Fruit & Vegetable markets, HORECA, the catering sector, street markets and wholesale outlets. We deliver utter freshness, local specialities and excellent value for money.