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Green celery

This is a sun-seeking plant which is surprising more and more people with its health-giving properties and high nutritional value. It is a plant which is deemed to be extremely important for folk medicine as it boasts a wide range of therapeutic properties: it is carminative, diuretic, cleansing, sedative, emmenagogic and aphrodisiacal.

All of these qualities have been proven by scientists involved in research into human wellbeing and dietary needs. Other appealing features are its rich aroma, subtle yet robust flavour, its lack of calories (only 20 for one hundred grammes’ weight of celery), its high water, vitamin A and potassium content. This makes celery an elixir for overall health, for keeping weight under control and staying fit. It is perfect for burning up fat and staving off water retention, triglycerides and cholesterol.

Abundant use is made of it in the kitchen - freshly chopped for salads or vegetable dips, braised to add flavour to stock or soups or sautéed in oil and butter.

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