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When it comes to Chestnuts, the Veneto area has a particularly good reputation and can boast the European PGI logo for the chestnuts harvested from the Pedemontana trevigiana area, the Borso del Grappa to the Pederobba area and the Asolani and Montello hills - lands which comprise 19 different municipalities.

The official European name is: Sweet chestnuts from Monfenera - PGI. Chestnut growing especially takes place on the slopes which vary between 200 and 600 metres in altitude. The local soil and ideal climate are a key factor in the success of this sector.

A sector which is steeped in history: the first document relating to Monfenera chestnuts goes back to 1351 and sets down the rules for chestnut gathering for the benefit of the local families.

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