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10 percent of green-topped carrots grown in Italy come from the Polesine area and, more specifically, from the fields of Lusia. They are a symbol of freshness, healthiness and taste on our plates. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the fluffy bright greens contrasting with the flaming orange of the taproot.

Carrots have found the best possible growing conditions In the Polesine area and its neighbouring Chioggia zone situated in the province of Venice - well-drained loose sandy soil and the expert care of experienced growers. Green-topped carrots or carrots with their tops cannot be handled by machines.

They need to be harvested and packaged gently and carefully otherwise their tops would get squashed and they would lose their appeal. Any imaginative cook will know that the leaves should not be thrown away because they can be used in salads, omelettes, pâtés, pestos, smoothies or soups.

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